Friday, February 20, 2015

Nothing bundt ICE

Usually when I get the snow day phone call from my school district I'm giddy with excitement.  That was the case this past Sunday...and Monday...and Tuesday and then the greatest phone call of them all came! The pre-recorded voice informed me that schools would be closed for the rest of the week! WOOHOO!!!!
Soooo, since I've been iced in for 5 days now my entertainment has been looking out the window as my neighbors try [and fail] to get up our nothing-but-ice- hill, finding pinteresting recipes with Granny (on the phone) and cooking up a few treats. 
Today after watching 3 neighbors try to spin their way up the nothing-but-ice-hill, I decided to try Mix and Match Mama's Bundt Cake #79, also know as Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake.  Head over to her site for the recipe.
Obviously I decided to go with "nothing bundt cake" style of icing instead of the glaze Mix & Match Mama uses on her cake.  I'm definitely going to need a few more tutorials on that icing.Yikes!
This cake isn't going to be on any of my favorite lists, but I'm sure it's going to make a great breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next couple of days until I can finally get over the nothing-but-melted-ice-hill!