Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D-Day Taco Soup

It's a rare opportunity that I get to teach Granny how to cook, but that's just what [almost] happened today.
I called Granny this afternoon. She was organizing her battle plans, in other words, deciding what to cook for dinner.
Me, being unaware of the surprise attack Granny was planning told her about a recipe a few of my friends told me about:
It's the easiest meal ever invented!
 It involves opening the following cans:
Black beans (or any other type of bean), rinsed & drained
Diced tomatoes with chiles (I use Rotel)
Then tear open the following packages:
Hidden Valley Ranch dips mix
McCormick Taco Seasoning
Finally, brown a pound or so of ground beef (or turkey, or chicken...)

Throw all of that in a pot (stove top or crock pot) and consider the battle a victory.
We added cheese and sour cream to ours.
But wait!
Just when I thought I had won the battle Granny invaded the soup.
She bombarded the soup with an extra can before I even knew what was happening!
Ounces of 98% Fat Free Chicken Broth were being poured in from above.
On this 6th day of June, Taco Soup would be forever changed.

The Taco Soup ambush Granny coordinated was genius!
The opposing forces (my mom, aunt and I) surrendered and became POWs (Partakers Of Wonderful soup) without being asked.
So as it turns out Granny won the battle.
And I will now add a can of 98% fat free chicken broth to my soup henceforth and forever more to commemorate this D-day Taco Soup.


  1. Sounds great - I think I might actually be able to make this one!! Now that you're off a few months, I hope to read lots of blog posts! I just love this blog!

  2. I did it - I actually made it!! Yum-yum!! Now what to make next ...

    Now since I've taken on your cooking, when will you start your 5k/Princess Half Marathon training?

    1. Awesome! I really want to, but I'm am horrible at being self-motivated!
      Glad you liked the soup. I'm making it tonight!


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