Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of...Chocolate

I've always been impressed with Granny's ability to work her magic without using a measuring cup or a measuring spoon. I so desperately want to be like my Granny and have the measuring eye.  Unfortunately I don't.  Things usually turn out to be disastrous when I attempt to make anything without an exact measurement
However, there is one thing I happen to be able to make without measuring a single ingredient (never mind the fact that all of the ingredients I just take the whole package).  So I thought I'd show off my newly acquired skill here. Especially since they were such a hit yesterday at school.
So without further ado I present:

Oreo Balls (with no measuring)
1 pkg Oreos ( I use double stuffed)
1 -8oz. pkg cream cheese, softened
1 pkg. White candy coating
1 Hershey's chocolate bar (I like to use a Symphony bar) *optional

1.Dump the whole package of Oreos into the food processor (no measuring :-) )
2.In a large mixing bowl combine cookie crumbs and cream cheese.
Opting to be lazy and just add the cream cheese to food processor can result in a mixture that's a tad bit too juicy. Or it could result in a broken blender (luckily this one passed the test)
3.Roll the mixture into balls (average cake pop size). ...or be lazy and use a cookie scoop.
These were a little big, but I was able to shape them after they were colder.
4. Stick the balls into the freezer for about 20 minutes.
5. In the meantime, melt the candy coating in the microwave according to package directions.
6. Use a toothpick to dip balls into candy coating.
7. Place covered balls on a cookie sheet or wax paper to harden.
8.If desired, melt chocolate bar and drizzle Oreo balls.
9. Try to eat just 1. And give the rest of these things away ...QUICKLY!
All I can think of lately is Mickey and his friends since I'll be going to the Food Blog Forum in Orlando this spring.  I'm so excited!
Even though I can make these without measuring or even looking at a recipe, I didn't develop the recipe.  Two friends told me about them in the same week, and I've been making them ever since.  I wish I knew the genius who first made these. 


  1. Finally - something I'm not compelled to consider preparing (and of course it' easy-peasy) because I don't like Oreos. However if you do something with Milky Way bars, then I am in really big trouble!!

    1. Well you should be compelled because they hardly taste like Oreos at all and besides you could always switch out the chocolate oreos for golden oreos! Yum...I might try that and let you know how that turns out (after I get off the treadmill of course).

  2. You and Granny are responsible for me licking my screen!
    Going Nutty!

    1. LOL! I hope your screen tasted as good as those oreo balls.


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