Monday, May 21, 2012

Granny's Not Making Macaroni!!!

I had the perfect plan for Granny this week.  She was going to teach me how to make her mac & cheese!  (I had tried a few weeks ago and it turned out ... DRY.  Granny took one look at it and said I hadn't added enough milk.
I showed up at Granny's and told her the plan.  Granny replied "I don't know what to tell you, but I'm not making macaroni."  Granny proceeded to tell me what her dinner plans included.I pleaded that mac & cheese would accompany those items perfectly. Granny's reply: "I don't know what to tell you, but I'm not making macaroni."
So that meant I would have to attempt Granny's mac & cheese on my own...again!
CLICK HERE for a printable version of recipe for when the hankering for Mac & Cheese is just too overwhelming.

I gathered Granny's ingredients.
I boiled my pasta and buttered my dish.
What was next.... I had to guess because Granny was at church and I couldn't call to ask. So I just had to think WWGD? (what would Granny do?) So I guessed my way through by trying to call on my photographic memory (or lack there of) of how I had seen her do it so many times before.

Add the Cheese Whiz.
Stir the cheese in.
Layer the pasta, pepper, cheddar, and muenster cheeses.
Add evaporated milk. (I used the whole container. Didn't want a repeat of the desert mac & cheese)
Bake. (Make a note to use a deeper dish so I don't make a mess in the oven next time.)
Relish in Granny's comment "You've got it! Trial and error is how you learn!"

UPDATE:  The Girl and the other girls (Granny's other granddaughters) recently made dinner for the entire family.  Using the things we've learned from Granny since starting this blog.  It seems The Girl forgot that Granny also adds a layer of Velveeta cheese to her mac and cheese.  Luckily Granny was watching while we were making dinner and alerted us to the missing ingredient.  


  1. I see an entire meal coming together at my house. I have the chicken, the mac and cheese, the desserts, the jam - it's going to be a great meal!! Whaddaya mean I have to make it myself?! I just love reading these - keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks!! Keep me posted on your meal. :)


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