Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

 I have two things to share:
Since the whole goal of this blog is to learn to cook like Granny, I recently tried a few of her recipes without her being present. 
Granny and my mom went to visit family in Denver so we were without her culinary skills for a few days including Sunday which is usually when we all gather around the table to delight in Granny’s cooking. 
Being without our matriarch (and me with without my momma) may seem like a bowl of lemons, but it turned out pretty sweet. PawPaw fired up the grill and the rest of the family tossed up a wonderful salad and baked potatoes.  But what dinner would be complete without dessert?
I've gotta have my dessert, so I decided our lack of dessert was a problem I would be happy to remedy.  I knew of the perfect dish to make sans Granny. It's our family’s go-to quick dessert: Lemon Icebox Pie.
Honestly this is one I’ve been making for a while.  I can’t remember if my mom taught me or Granny.  But I’m delighted it is one recipe I can make without looking at a recipe.
Here is all that’s needed.
I've made this pie without the egg yolk several times. Turns out fine either way.
I added the zest of one lemon even though this pie is pretty tasty without it. 
There’s no baking, frying, or rolling required for this.  Just whisk it all up and pour it in a ready-made crust (homemade graham crust are fine too … just not as quick).
I put it in the fridge for a few hours until it was nice and firm.  Then I headed to dinner with the family, pie in tow.  Once at Granny’s house I put the pie in the freezer just to make sure it would be ready when we were.  I forgot about it after a few hours, but once we remembered it, it didn’t last long. 
Chewbacca gobbled up the last slice! And that was that!
Thing 2…
I tried to make Granny’s fried chicken. 
Granny's chicken
I was missing a few of the seasonings she used, but it still turned out okay…yeah just okay.   
My chicken
My chicken wasn’t even close to tasting like Granny’s, but that just means I’m still pressing toward the mark.

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  1. Girl, you are some kind of cook! Me - I'd be stopping by Kroger on the way to dinner. Another recipe for me to try! Good to see Todd enjoying your cooking!!


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