Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cake Boss

July 21 is Granny & Paw's anniversary.  This year makes 56 years of wedded bliss for my grandparents.  That also means Granny's kitchen is closed for the whole entire weekend!!!!
So I had to go elsewhere for my lesson.  Elsewhere just happens to be Sweetwise, where I, along with my teaching buddies, Amy & Heather, spent the morning (and a little of the afternoon) becoming cake bosses.  I'm usually quite modest but take a look at our beginner skills:

I know, unbelievable right?
Some [instructors] might even think we I had done cake decorating before (take that Heather!), but it really was our first time. 
We realize that most people have cakes that turn out like the following on their first go at cake decorating:

Ok, ok so the above may have been what our cakes really looked like and I may have stolen the other cake picture from .
But, as our lesson progressed
we practiced
and became bosses at cake decorating.
Amy, the leaf cake boss
Heather, the flower cake boss
Me, the border cake boss
 And even though things sometimes got a bit ugly...
and 1 or 3 of us may have needed a little help saving from the instructor cake doctor,

we stepped away and took deep breaths,
and remembered to just have fun!

And before long (it may have been after a long time, I lost track of time) we were on our way to becoming cake bosses.

The Cake Bosses
Happy Birthday Heather!!!!


  1. July 21st was also Heather's grandparents, Andy and Margie Karazin's, wedding anniversary!

    Love your blog - the cakes are georgous! Give my congrats to Granny and Paw!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thanks, Heather told me it was her grandparents anniversary too. I'll be sure to pass on the message to Granny & Paw.

  2. WOW! I'm impressed with your skills! You had me going with the first picture, but I'm sure it won't be long before your own cakes look like those!! Now I'm just going to believe that all those cakes have only 10 calories ....

  3. We'll both believe that they only have 10 calories. I've already eaten a slice and it was a yummy 10 calories.


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