Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Peachy!

Peaches just might be might be my favorite fruit ever.  Needless to say I'm always so excited when peach season finally arrives in Tennessee. I think I could seriously eat a fresh peach (or two) at every meal.
Lucky for me peaches are in season now!  Yippee!!!
PawPaw went to the peach orchard and picked plenty pecks of pretty  peaches (say that 5x fast)!
After I ate one (or two) I reminded Granny about a recent conversation we had.
It went something like this:
Me: It's been a really long time since you made peach preserves.
Granny: Naw, I haven't.
Me: They have peach preserves at Loveless.
Granny: Oh yeah.
Me: You should make some this year.
Granny: I guess I can.

Yep, she was pretty excited about making peach preserves.
Fast forward to the next day I arrived at Granny's just as the clock was striking 12 (since that's what time she told me to arrive) to get started making the peach preserves.

There only seemed to be one little problem:
Granny wasn't home.  Nor did she arrive for another hour.
But nevertheless, we began making the preserves promptly.

It turns out making peach preserves is very similar to making strawberry preserves.  Since Granny doesn't make the peach preserves as often as the strawberry she had to look at the recipe.
Just like last time the recipe comes inside the box of Sure Jell.

 The recipe is pretty easy.  The most work comes in prepping the peaches by washing, peeling, pitting, slicing, and mashing. Granny and I used 9 peaches, which turned out to be too many.  6 or 7 should be enough.

Step 1: Wash
Step 2: Peel, slice & remove the seed
Step 3: Mash (a certain Girl may opt for a blender or food processor here)
Small bits of fruit should be present once the peaches are mashed.
Now that the peaches are ready add the Sure Jell and boil.
Next add the sugar and boil.
Lastly, put the peachy, sugary concoction in the jars.
Once Granny got things going I managed to coax her into letting me finish up the preserves.  I think I did a pretty good job (even if I do say so myself).  Granny's only complaint was that I didn't fill the jars enough. We made 7 jars of jelly (probably would have been 6 if Granny was doing it).

My opinion is the jar is more than half full and that's just peachy with me!


  1. Love your pictures, and I'm with you . . . I need a biscuit and some chicken of course! PawPaw and I are going to pick more peaches next week, maybe you can go with us, take pictures of the peaches on the trees, and blog about peach cobbler. . .

    1. I may if it's a lot cooler. I will definitely need to learn how to make peach cobbler!

  2. Ok, so I've put off reading these because I never did my homework with the brown sugar chess pie (although I printed out the recipe and have the shopping list ready). Now I want peaches! Although how you managed not to eat all the peaches before you made the preserves is truly a feat! I can't wait to see the caramel cake. And the peach cobbler. And the biscuits. And EVERYTHING else!

    1. Funny you should say that. I told my mom not eating the peaches was the hardest part. But I did eat one before we started and after we finished :).


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