Sunday, July 29, 2012

You Gon Learn Today!

See that title up there? Yep, the one that says "You Gon Learn Today!"  That's my motto for clooking Granny's peach cobbler.
I know cooking peach cobbler is not what Kevin Hart had in mind when he coined that phrase, but anyhow, I digress...
I did not spell clook wrong.  It's the word I'm coining to describe how I learn to cook like Granny.  She cooks.  I look. So, we clook!
I digress again...

The crust of the cobbler is something that's given me trouble for a long time now (okay so it's just the 4 months I've been blogging).
Remember this atrocity? My attempt at the crust is on the left and Granny's is on the right...duh!
It's the same crust that's used to make cherry cobbler as well as fried peach pies.
CLICK HERE for a printable version of Granny's Peach Cobbler.
Each time I clook this crust with Granny I get a little more insight as to how to make it just like hers. 
Granny starts by gathering the ingredients for the crust  (... still haven't learned them yet? You gon learn today!) and the filling.

For the crust:                                                        For the filling:
2 cups All purpose flour                                        6-7 fresh peaches, peeled and sliced
3 tbsp. vegetable shortening (heaping)                   1 ½ c. sugar
1 ½ tbsp. butter                                                    ½ tsp. vanilla flavor
½ salt                                                                   dash ground cloves
                                                                            ½ c. butter

Start by washing, peeling, and slicing the peaches.
Add sugar to pot with peaches and cook on low-medium heat. 
Stir occasionally.
We clook the peaches until the sugar has melted into a syrupy liquid. Drop in the stick of butter.
Remove the peaches from the heat and add vanilla and cloves.
Set aside.
Time to start clooking the crust. I had Granny measure the butter and Crisco this time since I always seem to mess those up.
She was not happy about stopping to measure, but what can I say? ...This girl gon learn today!
Begin mixing ingredients for the crust.  
Once it's rolled out nice and thin, line the dish with crust and add half of the peaches.
Granny likes to add a little dough between the peach layers.  
Top with remaining peaches. 
Fold the dough over to swaddle those peaches.
 Bake in a 425° oven just until the crust is golden brown.


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